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Antoinette Thamm

Sunbird Aloes

Ruthe has been a great partner for Sunbird Aloes. She is knowledgeable and she has created an amazing garden to show visitors how it's done.

Rachael Ruthunam

Website visitor

Its so beautiful

Tracy Jane

Nursery Visitor

Personalized. Unhurried. Brilliant Ruthe.
Remarkable garden. My ignorance of aloes and hybrids were incredibly and patiently answered. Wow. I can't wait to go back.
Oh and we were offered tea and her daughters made us fudge. The fur-kids added to our morning. The prices were well below retail. I am forever grateful

Karen Gray

International Visitor to Ndundulu Aloes

Fabulous aloes, growing in the garden so you can see their size, shape, and color! Lovely.

Yvonne Mels

Private Nursery Visitor

 Ndundulu Aloes 
 5 stars

These plants are so beautiful and can be seen nearly all over the world...

Fiona Hassim

Private Nursery Visitor

I was amazed at the hard work, effort, and most importantly LOVE, that goes into every plant.
Breathtaking views!!
* vast knowledge of every species
* biodegradable planting bags
* small to fully grown 5 years and older
* various colors

Clinton Gray

CompleteWorksF4 "Custom Client Creations"

What an awesome experience, the nursery is bursting at the seams with a huge range of Sunbird hybrid aloes, ranging from smalls to extra large. The Open Garden was spectacular and the birdlife was phenomenal.

Gardening enthusiasts and Birders alike will not be disappointed.