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Size: X-Large

Season: Autumn to Mid Winter

Sunbird Aloes 'Capricorn'

  • Spectacular red flower buds, becoming white when open, provide a stunning bi-color floral display from very early winter. Up to 5 massive, branched inflorescences are produced simultaneously. Often the inflorescences are so massive that they require support. This very large stemmed aloe hybrid would be a feature plant in any garden and is particularly suited to landscape applications. Young plants grow fast and produce flowers from an early age. The flower display will improve annually for many years.

    The well-shaped plant has grey-green leaves, lined with darkish spines. As soon as multiple inflorescences are produced they are well balanced across the width of the plant. The plant may produce the odd stem shoot that is best removed before they spoil the architectural stature of the plant. Some individuals may also divide the rosette upon maturity, so space should be allowed (or made) around the plant should this happen.

    An aloe of this size is best planted in the open rockery away from obstructions (trees, walls) that may cause the plant to start leaning away from the obstruction. A plant as heavy as this should be growing as upright as possible.

    Best recorded flowering display from a single rosette: 5 inflorescences with a total of 35 racemes.

    Available in 8L and 20L bag size @ (R450.00).

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