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Size: Medium 

Season: Autumn to Mid Winter

Sunbird Aloes 'Marvel'

  • Multiple, branched inflorescences carry the long, up-curving, salmon-red racemes that differentiate this cultivar from any other aloe hybrid. The very widespread of the inflorescences make “Marvel” rather difficult to photograph, but this does not change the fact that its unique flower is extremely appealing and complements the surrounding flower shapes beautifully. Flower time can be from late autumn to late winter.

    This is a medium-sized, grey-green, stem-less aloe. The leaves are edged inconspicuous, unevenly sized spines – another unique feature. Stem shoots are rare but should be removed should they appear. The plant does not easily divide its rosette. A great subject for a large pot or the front of the rockery. Remember to place the container where passers-by do not brush the leaning inflorescences.

    Available in the 8L size.

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