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Size: Medium 

Season: Autumn to Mid Winter

Sunbird Aloes 'Ruby Blaze'

  • This medium-sized, stemless aloe is a firm favorite with the sunbirds, perhaps because of the shiny red flowers or perhaps because of the long flower season. Up to 6 strongly branched inflorescences (standing up to 120cm high) per rosette develop simultaneously, creating a cloud of glowing red over the plant.

    The green leaves are sharply pointed and lined with smallish, dark spines. During the highveld winter when the plants are cold and dry the leaves have a reddish tint.

    Younger plants typically have a first inflorescence as early as April (South Africa) followed by the others closer to winter. Larger inflorescences can carry more than 30 racemes, bringing the grand total for a single rosette plant to a maximum of 152 racemes! These are up to 15cm long. The upright flower buds are bright red with dark tips, with very little color change as they droop and open. Highly recommended for gardens and landscaping.

    Best recorded flowering performance for a single rosette plant: 6 inflorescences with a total of 152 racemes.

    Available in 8L @ R250.00 and 20L bag size @ R450.00

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