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Size: Medium (Available in 8L size bags)

Season: Late Summer to Autumn

Sunbird Aloes 'Spots n Dots'

  • The aesthetic qualities of the ‘Spots ‘n Dots’ foliage make it one of the most sought after pot plants. In size it would fall between small and medium, so a pot of about 25 to 30cm in diameter is best suited to show off this aloe hybrid’s attributes.

    The leaves are greyish (greener in younger plants) with numerous ‘spots and dots’, even more on the underside than the upper surface. It does not often produce stem shoots, but if they do occur they are best removed to retain the plant's architectural shape.

    Established plants are capable of putting on quite a flowering show, with loosely flowered red-to-yellow racemes on branched inflorescences opening from late summer throughout winter. The picture depicts a group of young plants with first flowers. More mature plants with bigger inflorescences and many racemes tend to open the flowers on the terminal raceme long before the side racemes do. In fact so long before that, it may be possible to remove the spent terminal raceme and enjoy a second splash of color from the same inflorescence (as can be seen in the second picture). This is quite an unusual feature for an aloe. Available in 8L size bags.

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