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Size: Large 

Season: Autumn to Mid Winter

Sunbird Aloes 'Tricolor'

  • A large plant with, displaying large, well-branched inflorescences and bright red-to-white, upright racemes that, together with the bluish plant (and a little imagination), show the colors of the French flag.

    It is a stablemate of 'African Sunset' and is virtually identical in plant shape and flower form. They go together beautifully when grouped together as they also flower around the same time in winter.

    The blue-grey leaves of 'Tricolor' have smallish spines, and the plant may eventually grow a short, stout stem. Applications for this popular cultivar include garden rockeries, landscaping, and large container planting.

    Available in 8L @ R250.00 and 20L bag size @ R450.00.

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