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Size: Large 

Season: Autumn to Mid Winter

Sunbird Aloes 'Utrecht'

  • This large, showy, and single-stemmed aloe hybrid, is named after the Northern Natal town of Utrecht. Where the famed red-flowered Aloe Marlothii grows, naturally, it is an important component of this hybrid combination.

    From autumn to late winter the plant is adorned with multiple, branched inflorescences, deep red, upright racemes spread evenly across the width of the plant. A mature ‘Utrecht’ can produce 5 inflorescences, with 25 large racemes that demand appreciation from all that behold it.

    The plants have large green leaves with medium-sized spines. It should be planted in the open rockery where it is best grown as a solitary plant. This means that the occasional stem shoot should be removed to retain its majestic stature. Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 5 inflorescences and a total of 25 racemes.

    Available in 8L @ R250.00 and 20L bag size @ R450.00.

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