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Aloes are not just for winter flowering

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Within the Indigenous aloe range, there are only 37 varied species that flower in the summer months. All other aloe species flower in the winter months.

Pressure on the Veld

Veld aloes compete with animal grazing, housing, fires, and new climatic conditions. "Although there are 125 species of aloes in South Africa. Many of the species are legally protected in the wild, (being) on the endangered list or very vulnerable", Thamm says. Theft can be rife in these areas, and removing indigenous aloes is not ethically acceptable.

By developing new hybrids, the option for landscaping has expanded in the choices that are available today. Hybrids are bred for specific characteristics, flower colour, flower shape, leaf colour, the extension of the flowering season, and architectural shape. By testing their limitations of different climates, cold tolerance, excessive rain, sun, shade, and the quality of medium required for growth. Results in which individual hybrids are suited to a container or to open planting.

Sunbird Aloes Flowering Sizes

After decades of extensive breeding by Leo Thamm of Sunbird Aloes. With 250 individual hybrids, in 5 different aloe sizes.

  • Miniature: These aloes bloom at an early age, and are ideal for containers, e.g., 'Cupid'.

  • Small: A more comprehensive range of colour options is ideal for planting into larger pots or directly in the garden/flowerbed, e.g., ‘Sunbird’, 'Karoo Crimson', and 'Berry Blush'.

  • Medium: Designed to have larger flowers, for planting in open ground or large pots, e.g., 'Moonglow', 'Black Cherry', and 'Colourburst'.

  • Large: These aloes can reach 1.5 meters and are guaranteed to have dense flowering e.g., 'Coral Red', 'Gold Mine', and 'Erik the Red'.

  • X-Large: These specimen aloes are used for the architectural effect in your garden, e.g., ‘Capricorn’, ‘Debnam Grand', and 'Tangerine Tree'.

Sunbird Aloes Different Flowering Seasons

Aloe cultivars (like the Sunbird Aloes range) all have different flowering times, but the majority of larger cultivars flower in winter. Aloes will always flower in the same season relative to their location. There are 4 different flowering seasons within the Sunbird Aloes range.

  • Late Summer to Autumn

  • Autumn to Winter

  • Mid-winter

  • Late Winter to Spring

Planting your garden or landscape with Sunbird Aloes reassures you that you will always have aloes flowering, feeding nature, and bringing you personal joy.

Photo by Ruthe Gray - Ndundulu Aloes garden


Marathon Plants

Sunbird Aloes

Ruthe Bancroft Garden - Aloe Breeding Project.

Ndundulu Aloes

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