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What is a Garden Aloe?

"A cultivar bred exclusively for use in gardens and artificial landscapes, and considerable emphasis is placed on enhancing their already excellent properties as garden subjects. The result is invariably a group of unspeakably beautiful, superior strains from which plants can be chosen for growing in a garden.

Longevity and sustainability are two reasons why planting aloes, and other succulents for that matter, is an eco-friendly choice when establishing a garden or garden bed. Aloes are some of the easiest and most rewarding plants to grow: they have minimal establishment and aftercare requirements and reward the gardener with year-round greenery, architectural foliage, and striking beautiful inflorescences that carry brightly coloured flowers.

Aloe cultivars are increasingly finding favor with gardeners and landscapers, and with their improved blooms make for a chich new trend".

More information can be found on this topic: Garden Aloes - Growing and Breeding Cultivars and Hybrids, by Gideon F Smith & Estrela Figueiredo.

Sunbird Aloes 'Hadar'.

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