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Do Aloes excite the 5 senses?

Aloes not only simulate interest and conversation, but they also excite the 5 senses.

  • Taste; the Sunbird Aloes produce a lot of nectar, to the point that it can be seen dripping from the flowers onto the leaves below. Some of the hybrids within the range, produce strong-tasting nectar. I often walk around my garden, sticking my finger into the flowers for a taste.

  • Smell; have you ever taken the time to smell an aloe flower? There are some sweetly scented or delicate freshly scented Sunbird Aloes, especially when compared to the scent of Jasmine.

  • Sound; aloes attract many different birds, into your space. Rewarding you with their choral verses, the buzz of the bees in flight. As the Sunbird Aloes have 4 different flowering seasons. Wildlife is encouraged to stay, nest, and raise their young, due to the natural food supply. The insects that feed upon the aloes, also attract insect-eating birds. Who are also encouraged to stay, nest, and rear their young, returning each year to your garden.

  • Sight; architectural lines and stature, soft or bold striking colours. Planted on mass or as odd number groups, they are stunning to the eye. These different colour combinations evoke emotions, of warmth and comfort. Adding to our overall well-being and senses. in winter the Sunbird Aloes change from different greens to reds, blues, and purples. Several favourites are; 'Ruby Blaze', 'Hilko' and 'Spot n Dots'.

  • Touch; Sunbird Aloes have different size teeth/thorns, depending upon the aloe. Ranging from soft small thorns to large blackthorns. The thorns themselves come in an array of different colours from white, brown, black and reddish-brown.

Photographs courtesy of

Ruthe Gray

Tanya Byrne


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