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Sunbird Aloes Early winter groupings for your garden

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Sunbird Aloes Early winter groupings for your garden

We have created Early to Midwinter flower combinations that we think could work well together. The adult size of every plant is shown in the list (S=Small, M=Medium).

For more information about the sizes, refer to this news article – “A guideline to our “plant size” categories”.

Colours: Orange and Yellow Aloe ‘Andrea’s Orange’ (S), Aloe ‘Morning Sky’ (S), Aloe ‘Bush Baby Yellow’ (S);

Colours: Orange and Red Aloe ‘Gemini’ (S), Aloe ‘Berry Sorbet’ (M), Aloe ‘Apricot’(M);

Colours: Red and Yellow Aloe ‘Sunbird’ (S), Aloe ‘Nectarine’ (M), Aloe ‘Toffee Apple’ (M);

Colours: Pink and White/Ivory Aloe ‘Maggie’s Magic’ (S), Aloe ‘Pink Pastel’ (S), Aloe ‘Meringue’ (S); Aloe ‘Guineafowl’ (S), Aloe ‘Candle Wax’ (M), Aloe ‘Ivory Dawn’ (M);

For waterwise companion plants consider the following indigenous plants: Felicia ameloides (Blue Felicia or Bloumagriet), Bulbine abyssinica (Bushy Bulbine, Geelkatstert), Lessertia frutescens (Cancer bush), Euryops pectinatus (Golden Daisy Bush or Wolharpuisbos)

Courtesy of Sunbird Aloes

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