Why should I use Sunbird Aloes

As gardendesign.com says: Every year, there are innovative ideas and concepts for gardeners. Trends come and go or even disappear. Here at Ndundulu Aloes, what we offer is not a trend, more of a significance.

· Drought tolerance, with ever changing conditions. Sunbird Aloes are bred for the different conditions that South Africa has to offer.

· Climate awareness, changing climates and how that prompts gardeners to re-evaluate plants that are appropriate.

· Wildlife consideration, pollinators and other creatures are critical to our ecosystem.

· Minimal maintenance, with the vast range and the 4 different flowering seasons that Sunbird Aloes offers. You have more time to sit, relax and enjoy your garden.

· Homegrown, Ndundulu Aloes is the only registered grower of Sunbird Aloes in Kzn, South Africa. A plant bred not to be invasive.

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