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Premier grower of Sunbird Aloes in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Make your garden the centerpiece of your next conversation

Sunbird superior hybrid aloes offer home gardeners and landscapers new and unique high-performance, sustainable, and water-wise gardening options.

These plants have spectacular flowers in a range of colours, dramatic foliage, and architectural shapes that will complement any garden or landscaping design.

Ndundulu Aloes


Aloes are adaptable to different garden and climate in South Africa conditions due to the 40-year of South African breeding program.  ​

Wide Variety 

​We offer over 90 different cultivars in the Ndundulu Aloes collection to suit your space.  From your balcony to the extra-large aloes in your garden.​​

Ndundulu Aloes

Rooftop Gardens

Aloes can be used to Green roof your property, with their ability to grow in shallow medium, low water use qualities, and easy maintenance.

Provides a barrier

Aloes planted in your garden act as a barrier, due to their fire-resistant qualities. Aloes are tolerant of sea spray and wind.

Ndundulu Aloes

Plenty of nectar

Aloes provide more nectar and pollen due to the extending flowering seasons. 


Aloes are food for different birds, butterflies, and insects - contributing to the adaptability of our environment.​

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Ndundulu Aloes

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Ndundulu Aloes

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Ndundulu Aloes

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